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WNY Southtowns Stump Grinding & Tree Services

Tree Stumps Unlimited offers professional stump grinding and tree services to residents across the Western New York Southtowns. We always call 811 before any work to ensure all projects are done safely and with the utmost care.

A close-up view of a heavy-duty, yellow stump grinding machine on muddy ground with a portion of a black truck visible in the background. The truck's tailgate displays a message: "WHEN THE STUMP IS GONE, WE CAN FIX YOUR LAWN." There are bare trees and a gray sky in the background, suggesting it could be a chilly or overcast day.

Our Services

A yellow stump grinder near a tree stump, with a suburban home and bare trees behind.

Stump Grinding

Transform your outdoor space with our expert stump grinding and thorough clean-up services.

Debris removal services completed by Tree Stumps Unlimited by Nard's.

Debris Removal and Storm Cleanup

Clear your space with our safe, efficient, and swift debris removal and storm cleanup services.

An image showcasing a commercial scene with a bright red pickup truck that has the text "TREE STUMPS UNLIMITED" and a phone number written on its side. The truck is parked next to the same yellow stump grinding machine seen in the first image, with both vehicles on a gravel surface leading to muddy terrain. In the background, there is a barn-style building amidst bare trees under an overcast sky.

Skid Steer Work

Enhance your property's functionality and appearance with our versatile skid steer services.

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